NHVC Connector Nanaboshi

Various high voltage connectors are available, including the world’s rare 6.6kV three-phase package type. We have a track record in plant equipment, emergency power supply equipment, outdoor transport equipment, large electric construction machines, various inspection devices Electrical connector NHVC Series have two type current: High Voltage, small current: Shell Size 16, 30, 50 High Voltage, High current: Shell Size 90, 120, 200 Feature Shell size 16, 30, 50 RoHS RoHS compliant products Waterproof None Lock method Screw lock method Mechanism features Non waterproof single pole Connection method Shell size 16:…

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Connector Sibas Housing HB.10.SG-LB.2.16

Connector Sibas Housing HB.10.SG-LB.2.16 Product Type Features • Sealed : Yes • Product Type : Housing • Product Size : 4 Body Features • Seal Material : Neoprene • Seal Type : Profile • Sealable : Yes • Seal Color : Black • Material : Aluminum Housing Features • Housing Material : Aluminum • Housing Color : Gray Dimensions • Height : 53.5 mm [ 2.11 in ] • Width : 52 mm [ 2.05 in ] • Length : 94 mm [ 3.7 in ] Packaging Features • Packaging…

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NT Series Nanaboshi Connector

NT Series  Nanaboshi Connector http://connector-wiratama.blogspot.com S Type G Type NT-504-PF12 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM12 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF16 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM16 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF20 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM20 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF24 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM24 NT-504-RF NT-5010-PF12 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM12 NT-5010-RF NT-5010-PF16 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM16 NT-5010-RF NT-5010-PF20 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM20 NT-5010-RF NT-5010-PF24 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM24 NT-5010-RF NT-5012-PF12 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM12 NT-5012-RF NT-5012-PF16 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM16 NT-5012-RF NT-5012-PF20 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM20 NT-5012-RF NT-5012-PF24 NT-5012-RM NT-5012-PM24 NT-5012-RF NT-5015-PF12 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM12 NT-5015-RF NT-5015-PF16 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM16 NT-5015-RF NT-5015-PF20 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM20 NT-5015-RF NT-5015-PF24 NT-5015-RM NT-5015-PM24 NT-5015-RF   Model / series dari Connector Nanaboshi untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan di click / download : NET Nanaboshi…

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