Alanco Alamatic

Disc Brake Type ALA 1 ‘H’ Unmounted

Sisc Brake type ALA, H 1, unmounted, disc brake, alanco Alamatic

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Alanco Alamatic

Alanco Alamatic Safety chucks

Safety chucks are used for supporting a product reel which requires unwinding or rewinding. The shaft through the reel would have square ends which locate into the square jaw of the chuck.

Alanco Alamatic

Alanco Alamatic Disc Brakes

At Alanco Alamatic we manufacture our own industrial disc brakes. Additionally, we are the only such Company, located within the United Kingdom, that has totally British owners.

Altra Industrial Motion

Model CBA Clutch/Brakes | Industrial Clutch

The Model CBA is an oil immersed, combination clutch/brake, utilizing a self-contained cooling oil pumping system. It is a quill-mounted unit that may be used for either end of shaft or through-shaft