Brainchild Human Machine Interface (HMI) Type 1050

Brainchild is manufacturer and supply human-machine interfaces, operator panels, operator interfaces, operator interface terminals, HMI, industrial HMI, HMI screen, and HMI touchscreen.

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Brainchild Human Machine Interface (HMI) Type 1060

Brainchild Human Machine Interface (HMI) Type 1060   Description   SmartPanels are new Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Operator Interfaces, WinCE 6.0, LED technology, Wide panels, higher resolution, and four sizes in 4.3”, 7”, 10” & 15”. Ethernet, USB host, 2 Serial ports, SD, Audio input/output. Extensive connectivity to MPI/Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP. CANopen,BACnet/IP & CC-Link. Metal/Stainless steel enclosures for rugged environments. Vertical/Horizontal installation. IP66K for Food, Beverage, Pharma and Oil & Gas.  As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we supply high-performance and quality human machine interfaces (HMI), which are…

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Brainchild Configuration & editing Software Panel Studio

Brainchild Configuration & editing  Software Panel Studio   Description Powerful and user friendly Panel Studio editing software supports many PLC drivers. Good features include Fine components, Trends, Alarms, bar-graphs, Recipes, Multilingual. Scripts, Data logging, Remote Viewer Vector graphics, Symbol factory, Online/Offline Simulation for Rapid application development. Features · Free, powerful and friendly HMI editing software · 2-editing styles in both GUI wizard and Property grid · Lots of fine-made objects of Meters, Sliders, Digital LED, Check boxes, Combo boxes, Number Up/Down, etc. · 112 basic symbols, high-resolution, vector format, some…

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