Gast Pneumatic Air Motor

Gast Pneumatic Air Motor mempunyai jenis matrial motor dari stainless steel. Air motor dari gast manufacturing mempunyai range speed yang cukup luas yaitu berada pada kisaran 300 RPM hingga 10000 RPM


Air Motor Performance

Air motors differ in many ways from other power sources. These unique operating characteristics must be considered when selecting an air motor for a particular job. It is easy to change horsepower and speed of an air motor by throttling the air inlet. Therefore, the best rule of thumb for selecting an air motor is… Read More

Gast Air Gear Motor 4AM-RV-75-GR25

Gast Air Gear Motor 4AM-RV-75-GR25 Gast Air Motor Description Max. allowable end thrust with 0 overhung load ranges from 200 lbs. ( 90,0 kg) at 300 rpm to 800 lbs. (360,0 kg) at 30 rpm. Max. overhung load with 0 end thrust ranges from 200 lbs. (90,0 kg) at 300 rpm to 600 lbs. (270,0 kg) at 30 rpm. Max. recommended… Read More

Gast Air Gear Motor 4AM-GR25

Pneumatic Gear Motor Air Gear Motor Gast Air Gear Motor 4AM-GR25 Description Air powered Gear Motors are available in right-angle and in-line models offering a maximum torque range of 73 to 5,200 lb. in. (8 to 587 Nm) and gear ratios from 10:1 to 60:1 single reduction gear reducers.     Features Variable Speed Non-Electrical… Read More