Connector Harting

Harting connector

Harting adalah brand connector yang paling popular karena disamping banyak di gunakan di dunia manufacture connector harting juga banyak digunakan di dunia otomatisasi, komunikasi, broadcast, kesehatan, transportasi, oil and gas dan power.


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Elektrogas Automatic Safety Solenoid Valves

Safety solenoid valves for air and gas from delta elektrogas has many models such as VMM, vmh, vmr, vml, and VMRNA

VMH Elektrogas Safety shut off valves for gas

The VMH type valve is a safety shut off valve for gas with a hydraulic actuator. It is suitable for air or gas blocking and releasing controls, required in the main pipe of gas power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns, and others gas-consuming appliances

Solenoid Valve Shako Pneumatics

SHAKO Pneumatics has dedicated its entire resources to the field of pneumatic products and committed its energies to develop and produce new products

Air Diaphragm Pumps

An Air Diaphragm Pumps is a type of positive displacement pump that uses compressed air as a power source.

Vane Air Motors and Air Gear Motors Tonson

Air Motors are designed to operate by compressed air. For applications, where positive braking is a requirement, a range of caliper brakes is offered.

Air Winches for lifting and pulling in Hazardous Area

An air winch is powered by compressed air instead of electricity. The drive mechanism of the air winch will begin to power the cable drum and effectively raising or lowering the attached load

Perlunya Resetting dan Kalibrasi Flow meter secara berkala

kalibrasi flow meter dimaksudkan untuk mengembalikan performa flow meter guna mendapatkan faktor ketidak pastian pengukuran, yang merupakan akurasi flow meter dengan flow caliberator dan resetting

Dimensi Flange ANSI

Dimensi Flange Ansi#150


Valon pressure sensor products, vpr2, vprv-d, VSW2, VPRT, VDP4, VFM, VPRH, VPMC, Pressure Meter

Showa Giken Pearl Rotary Joint and Swivel Joint

Showa Giken Pearl Rotary Joints and Swivel joint are used for supplying/discharging compressed or decompressed fluid/gas from a fixed piping to the rotary section of various machines with no leak


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