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irrigation mag meterSeametrics has been providing high-value flow meters and controls. The guiding principles have been common sense, simplicity, economy and durability. We started with mechanical insertion meters that extended the bottom of the flow range and were easy to repair. Over the years our flow meter product family has expanded to include electronic turbine flow meters, inexpensive and highly accurate mechanical low-flow meters, and a variety of flow meter controls and displays. In recent years Seametrics has become a leading manufacturer of electromagnetic meters (mag meters) in a variety of designs suitable to a wide range of applications. These include insertion, spool, and low-flow chemical-resistant mag meters.

6cc81-sl1168-4SiteLab is a registered US trademark by flow measurement professionals with more than 37 years of experience in flow measurement and flow standards, 34 years of which have been in the ultrasonic flow measurement field.  We are pioneers in the ultrasonic flow measurement industry and possess many years of experience valuable to our customers.




Nanaboshi connector pictureNanaboshi is Manufacture of connectors for telecommunications devices,industrial equipment,medical equipment, electrical power eqipment measuring devices electronic devices, etc.




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