Merry Multi Purpose cutter

Merry Cutter
Multi Purpose Cutter
Nylon Hose Cutter
Electric Wire Cutter
Tree Branch
Plastic Cable Protector Cutter

Duct Cutter
Plica Tube Cutter
Fleki Snip

Designed for one-hand operation. Suitable for cutting plastic ducts, plastic (cable) protector, etc

Merry SX5 Merry SX7 Merry SX10
Slim Type
Ratchet Type
Heavy-duty Type
Merry SX20 Merry SX15 Merry SX25
Long Blade Type
Standart Type
Long Blade Type
Merry DX80 Merry GCX5 Merry LDC110
 Rachet Type No obstacle on the blade surface Long Duct Cutter

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Duct cutter, Fleki Snip, Multi Purpose Cutter, nipper plier, Pipe Cutter, Plica Tube cutter