Known industry wide for their rugged construction and reliability, Gast Air Motors and air powered Gear Motors are available in many operating and mounting configurations.

Kind of Air motor and Air gear Motor


Lubricated Air Motors

Lubricated Air Motors come in seven basic models up to 9.5 HP (7,1 kW); motor speeds are variable from 300 to 10,000 RPM. Choose from hub, foot, face, NEMA C-Flange, or Metric D Series interface mountings and clockwise, counter-clockwise, or reversible rotations. Also, available for four and eight vane models are also available. read more


Stainless Steel Air Motors

Fully sealed and sanitary design, these corrosion-resistant stainless steel Air Motors can be mounted in any plane with a face or flange mounting options.  read Stainless Steel Air Motors offer fully sealed operation with two basic models ranging from .45 to 1.7 HP (0.33 to 1.3 kW) and with motor speeds up to 10,000 RPM.    more..

Non-Lubricated Air Motors

No lubrication necessary for these corrosion-resistant air-motors. Hub and foot mounting options available and units can be mounted in any plane. Non-lubricated versions, which require absolutely no lubrication, come in three basic models ranging from .18 to 2.5 HP (0.13 to 1.86 kW) and with motor speeds up to 4,000 RPM.  read more

Air Gear Motors

By integrating a lubricated Air Motor with an inline or right angle gearbox. The resulting Gearmotor creates greater torque and slower output speed. Air powered Gear Motors are available in right-angle and in-line models. It offering a maximum torque range of 73 to 5,200 lb(8 to 587 Nm). And gear ratios from 10:1 to 60:1 single reduction gear reducers.        read more…..