coriolis mass flow meter

Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

The Rheonik coriolis meters are primarily Mass Flow Meters and they can measure mass very accurately. These two components are RHM coriolis flow sensors and RHE Coriolis Flow Transmitters

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE16 – Compact Multifunction

The RHE16 is a state-of-the-art multifunction DIN rail mount Coriolis transmitter. With full MODBUS capability, the RHE16 provides flow, density and temperature measurement to any supervisory control system. MEASUREMENTS Mass Flow Density Temperature FUNCTIONS Volume […]

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE15 – PROFIBUS DP Module

The RHE15 is an expansion module providing connectivity for an RHE14 transmitter to a PROFIBUS-DP system. The unit can optionally act as a gateway for other local instruments without PROFIBUS functionality.   FUNCTIONS ⇒ PROFIBUS-DP […]

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE12- Enhanced Rail Mount

 The RHE12 explosion proof mass flow transmitter features standard HART communications and magnetic behind-glass controls.  The RHE12 is supplied with a standard post mounting kit and a choice of integrated sensor cables. MEASUREMENTS Mass Flow […]

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE 21- explosion proof field mount

The RHE21 is an advanced function, explosion proof, field mount transmitter.  With a corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure and through-glass operation capability, the RHE21 is rated to IP67 and suitable for the most extreme of […]

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE 28 – Field / Wall Mount

The RHE28 is an advanced function transmitter in a rugged epoxy coated enclosure designed for field mounting. With enclosure ratings up to IP67, the RHE28 has the flexibility to be installed in both ordinary and […]

Coriolis flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE 27 – Rack / Panel Mount

The RHE27 is an advanced function transmitter designed for rack or panel mounting in an indoor environment. Multifunction capability provides real time mass and volumetric flow plus density and temperature indication with the option of […]