Fluidwell B series
display and Indicator

Fluidwell B Series

The B-Series is a basic field mount indicators with all the benefits you may expect from a Fluidwell product: Durable, reliable and very easy to operate. Nothing more, nothing less.

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data logger

Flow Computer Fluidwell

Flow Computer from fluidweel offers a unique range of comprehensive solutions to calculate the consumption and net flow at standard conditions or the ratio between two flows

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data logger

Fluidwell Flow rate Totalizer

fluidweel Flow rate Indicators and Totalizers” offers a powerful flow rate monitor with flow curve linearization, flow rate monitoring, signal transmission, alarm and pulse outputs

flow meter

Batch Controller N Series Fluidwell

The batch controllers N Series Fluidwell can be used for accurate dispensing of small amounts of liquids up to the loading of trucks with two-stage control and analog multi-stage control.

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