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Flow meter

Flexim Fluxus F401 Heavy Duty Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The FLUXUS F401 is the ideal flow meter for long-term measurement campaigns in the field. Depending on the programmed measurement […]

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Display, Indicator, Control

Onicon System-20 BTU Meter

The System-20 BTU Meter provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in water and water/glycol cooling, heating and condenser water systems for Central plant monitoring, etc.

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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Flow Meter untuk Crude Palm Oil

Flow meter untuk Crude palm Oil yang bekerja pada temperature tinggi, pressure tinggi, sangat asam dan penuh kotoran menggunakan coriolis mass flow meter untuk flow meter cpo,, olein dan minyak sterin

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pressure sensor

LEEG Absolute Pressure Transmitter DMP305X-DST

DMP305X monosilicon pressure transmitter is a high performance pressure transmitter using the world’s most advanced monosilicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation technology.