artikel flow meter

Types of Flow Meter

Models and types of flow meter that populated the market is quite varied where types can be adjusted to flow meter’s functions and flow meter’s applications in the field.

artikel flow meter

Models and Types of Flow Meter

Based on its method, flow meter can be catergorized into various type, such as: magnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, vortex flow meter, mass flow meter, flometer turine, water meter, gas meter

Orifice Flow Meter
Type Flow Meters

Orifice Flow Meter Type

Flow meter of this type, based on its working principle, uses pressure difference and can be used in both high temperature and high pressure

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variable area flow meter

Glass Tube Flow Meter Type

Glass tube flow meter type widely used for installment application with vertical system and amount of flow rate can be read directly and usually made from excellent glass material, the pyrex glass.