flow meter air

Linflow meteran air

Meteran air linflow banyak digunakan untuk water meter di jaringan pdam. water meter merek linflow di produksi didalam negeri, dapat di terra dan dikaliberasi metrologi dan SNI

circular connector

NHVC Connector Nanaboshi

Various high voltage connectors are available, including the world’s rare 6.6kV three-phase package type. We have a track record in plant equipment, emergency power supply equipment, outdoor transport equipment, large electric construction machines, various inspection […]


Daring Entrepreneurship

Keep in mind, when starting business; we need to put aside our fear. Try to have some confidence, have faith that money or capital is not something to be feared.

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How to be an Entrepreneur

Too many entrepreneurial learners stranded and have no more courage to try because of the apparent and deterrent experience,

circular connector

Harting Industrial Connector

Insert Connector which has 2  insert form, insert male dan insert female, depending on its type of connection, there are Screw terminal and crimp terminal

chemical level

Choosing Types of Level Sensor

Level Sensor or  Level Control or Level Tank or Level Meter products are tools to measure the height of a or some material(s).


Wire Strippers

“Merry” telah berpengalaman dan menyediakan Hand tools selama 90 tahun dan “NILE” yang memiliki pengalaman selama 50 tahun.