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EGE SDV 652 – Vortex Flow Sensor

The flow meter devices Series SDV 652 are based on the vortex principle. They are well suitable for applications, where a good linearity and larger measurement precision is necessary.

CS Instrument

DS 500 CS Instrument- Intelligent Chart Recorder

Easy and clear layout: Very easy operation via 7″ color display with touch panel, Versatile: Up to 12 optional sensors can be connected, Intelligent: Daily/weekly/monthly reports, RS 485 modbus RTU

Energy surya

Perbedaan Sistem Off Grid dan On Grid pada Pemanfaatan Energi Surya

Sistem On-Grid adalah sistem pv surya yang hanya menghasilkan daya ketika jaringan daya…
Sistem Off-Grid untuk menyimpan tenaga surya dalam baterai untuk digunakan ketika jaringan listrik mati…

CS Instrument

DS 400 – Chart Recorder CS Instrument

for all relevant parameters of compressed air CS Instrument.USB interface, 3.5″ graphic display with touch screen,Integrated mains unit for supply of the sensors

Energy surya

Menghitung Kapasitas Baterai Untuk Panel Surya

Kapasitas baterai adalah jumlah daya yang mampu disimpan oleh baterai. Kapasitas baterai diukur dalam Ampere – Jam atau sering ditulis Ah (Ampere – Hour)

CS Instrument

Portable mass Flow Meter PI 500 Cs Instrument

The portable flow meter PI 500 is an all-purpose hand-held measuring instrument applications in industry like e.g.:Flow measurement,Pressure measurement,Temperature measurement,dew point measurement

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Temperature Monitoring

Industrial Temperature Monitoring

LCR Hallcrest is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of temperature-sensitive color changing and chemical reactive temperature measurement labels, indicators, and graphics.