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flow meter liquid

Flow meter portable untuk liquid

Flow meter Portable liquid pada umumnya bisa digunakan pada jenis pipa dari berbagai material seperti pipa carbon steel, pipa stainless steel, pipa HDPE, Pipa PVC dan lainya

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brand flow meter

Promag L 400 EH Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The versatile, weight-optimized Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter L 400 is the preferred choice for all standard applications in the water and wastewater industry. Due to its unique lap-joint flange concept, the flow meter guarantees flexible, […]

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flow meter

SITRANS FUS060 Siemens Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The SITRANS Ultrasonic Flow Meter FUS060 transmitter is engineered for high performance applications and designed for remote installation in hazardous as well as non-hazardous environments

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artikel flow meter

Flow meter air dingin chiller

Flow meter air dingin yang dipakai pada chiller ada beberapa jenis yaitu jenis flow meter magnetic, flow meter vortek, flow meter turbine dan flow meter clamp ultrasonic