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The product group “Flow Computers” offers a unique range of comprehensive solutions to calculate the consumption and net flow at standard conditions or the ratio between two flows. Typical applications are found on board of ships to calculate the fuel consumption, gas flow calculation in power plants and the monitoring of two component blending.

The functionality of these products is based on the F1-Series hardware platform as multiple inputs are required for flow, temperature and pressure measurement.

All models are available for both safe area and hazardous area applications. Moreover, wireless data re-transmission and remote flow rate / totalizer monitoring is offered with theProcessMonitor products and services.

ProcessMonitor (former LevelMonitor) provides logistic supply chain optimization for raw bulk gases, liquids and solids stored in tanks/silos with safe, web-based remote monitoring solutions for the (process) industry (a.k.a. Remote Tank and Silo Monitoring, Remote Inventory Management and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)). Process Monitor completely integrates,manages and controls the whole chain of hardware, software, maintenance and services with its autonomous solutions and infrastructure to guarantee you a reliability of 99.99%

For an explanation of the various options such as analog and pulse output signals, communication, power supply and enclosures, please read the section detailing the F-Series products.

Functional overview

The following features are available in the advanced flow computer models range. A more detailed description of each flow computer and it’s typical features can be found in the products datasheet.

  • ratio (A/B) – model F114
  • sum (A+B) – model F116
  • differential / consumption (A-B) – model F116
  • differential / consumption (A-B) with temperature compensation – model F127
  • liquid volume calculation with temperature compensation – model F126-EL
  • gas volume calculation with temperature and pressure compensation – model F126-EG

Easy and multi-applicable

The F-Series is outstanding user-friendly. Configure with a simple, logical menu-driven structure, instead of with difficult hardware changes or actions. With alphanumerical descriptions of each setting instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. Once familiar with an F-Series product, you can program ALL models in ALL series without need for a manual: Know one, know them all! Save on programming costs and time with Fluidwell, each time you modify product settings.

Signal input type

For the flow computers, four basic signal input types are available :

  • Pulse signals for flow measurement: sine wave (coil) low sensitivity (80mVp-p), sine wave high sensitivity (20mVp-p), Namur, NPN, PNP, reed-switch or active pulses. For most signals a low pass filter can be enabled to ignore pulse bounce. The sine wave input can even be supplied with 10mV or 5mVp-p sensitivity (option ZF and ZG).
  • Analog signal (0)4 – 20mA for flow, temperature and pressure measurement. The input signal can be tuned within this range (e.g. from 4.0mA to 10.0mA). To avoid incorrect signal processing at minimum signal, a low cut-off filter is available.
  • Analog signal: 0 – 10V DC for only a few models. The input signal can be tuned within this range (e.g. from 2.0 to 5.0V DC). A low cut-off filter is available here too, to avoid signal processing at minimum signal.
  • PT100 signal for temperature measurement.

Data protection

All settings and totals are stored in EEPROM memory ensuring that no information is lost in the event of power failure or battery exchange.

To reset total, the CLEAR key must be pressed twice to avoid undesired initialization. Accumulated total cannot be reset to zero. The configuration menu and alarm values can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.



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