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Oxygen (O2) Analyzer

Oxygen (O2) is the third-most abundant element by mass in the universe after hydrogen (H2) and helium (He). It is also the most abundant element by mass in the Earth’s crust.

Oxygen analyzer provide valuable measurements in combustion control, process quality, safety and environmental applications. These are used in a variety of measurement scenarios including, but not limited to, boiler trimming in power plants, furnace optimization in refinery and petrochemical applications, process safety in vent headers, and product quality in ethylene production.

Oxygen (O2) analysis is required in many of the industries and applications that are served by Nova Analytical Systems. The intent of the analysis is sometimes to verify that there is low O2 content in a process. However, we can also provide O2 analyzers for combustion air O2 enrichment, flue gas analysis, oxygen deficiency analysis, and many more.

Furnace atmosphere analyzing equipment for reduction atmospheres using a zirconia 02 analyzer

Insitu type sensor   CP・D(R)

The jnsitu type sensor of high performance and reliability proven by wide use in the metal heat-treating industry, sintering on the automobile industry. lt has been widely used in Japan and overseas because of its great stability and reliability since its introduction into the market.


  • Extremely quick response.
  • Resistant to short.
  • Needs no sampling.
  • Needs no maintenance.
  • Long life.

Standard specifications

  • Standard air flow rate : 30 -50 C/min
  • Burn-out air flow rate : 2-5  l/min
  • Operating temperature ( Furnace temperature )  : 800 – 960 ºC
  • Temperature around the terminal parts : -10  – 120 ºC.
  • Measuring range : 1 – 10-25 Oatm  ( to austenite region )

Structure of CP Sensor


CP Sensor Working principle

CP Calculator Type : CPM

CPM makes the most use of the latest technology. The number of parts has been greatly reduced to realize a compact, light-weight device. The reliability is also highly enhanced to provide more than satisfactory performance in put can be made by comment to improve operatebility


  1. CP calculating function: When the 02 Sensor, TC (R or K) and CO are input, it calculates and displays the CP value. lt also outputs an  anal0g signal.
  2.  CO2 and DP display function: It calculates CO2 and DP from the CP calculated value and temperature and then displays them.
  3. Correcting function: When the CP, CO2  or  DP value derived by other measurements is input as the controlling standard it automatically corrects the calculated CP value as the input value. (One or two point correction can be made,)
  4. Scaling function: The ranges of the calculated CP, temperature, CO, O2 Sensor electromotive force outputs and the CO input Can be optionally set against the DC input.
  5. The CP calculated value output, the CO input primary delay caculating function.
  6. Temperature input averaging Calculating function
  7. Self diagnosis function: Jt displays the trouble on the second display screen and outputs the trouble signal to la contact. ( ×2)
    • sensor trouble
      • Trouble in 02 Sensor’s impedance
      • Trouble in 02 Sensor’s input
      • Trouble in TC Input
      • Trouble in CO input
      • Trouble in CP corrected value
    • Calculated trouble
      • Trouble in the data for cold juncti0n compensation
      • Trouble in A/D zero data
      • Trouble in A/D converter
  8. Temperature Correcting function: When there is a deviation from the master temperature, the temperature input can be corrected by the system data.
  9. O2 Sensor (impedance) automatic check function : lt automatically measures the O2 Sensor’s impedance at each set time. It displays AL1 and outputs an alarm message upon detecting an trouble. When contact signal input is applied during sensor burn out, this function is excluded.
  10. CO input selecting function: Although the preset value in the system data area is usually used as the CO value used in the CP calculation, the CO meter signal Can be also input for calculation.
    Terminal for input from external CO meter.
    ON: CO meter signal ( selecting CO preset value when lt is out of the range)
    OFF: CO preset value
  11. Output display holding function: it has the function Of holding the CP, CO2 and DP values using a non-voltage contact signal. lt does not hold, however, the temperature, CO or O2 Sensor’s mV. When the measurement is impossible such as during B.0, (Bum Out) it displays and outputs the preceding Values.

Terminal plate and dimensions of the Equipment

CP Sensor

CP Calculator drawing


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