Static Mixer

Static mixers are very often fitted into these pipes and the components that need to be mixed or dispensed are added to the main flow directly before the mixer.

Brand flow meter

Flowmasonic WUF100J Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter

flowmasonic WUF100J Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters are based on clamp-on transit-time flow measurement principle. It measures the flow rate of liquid in a pipe from outside of the pipe

Brand flow meter

Xonic 100L Jain Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ultrasonic flow meter clamp on Xonic 100L can measure very slow flow, so very suitable for block flow (leak) monitoring system and can install to double channel with difference size

Flow measurement

WUF 100 CF Flowmasonic Clamp On Water Flow Meter

Flowmasonic WUF 100CF is  designed to measure flow velocity of liquid in pipes such as clean water, dirty water demin water, chemical water, seawater, wastewater and others