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Hoods Sibas Connector HB.10.STO-GR.1.16

Hoods Sibas Connector HB.10.STO-GR.1.16

Product Type Features
• Accessory Type  Hood
• Product Size  4
• Applies To  Wire/Cable
• Thread Size  PG16
• HTS Housings and Hoods  Yes
• Product Type  Accessory

Body Features
• Entry Style  Top
• Color  Gray
• Material  Aluminum

Mechanical Attachment
• Locking Device Type  Clip Bolt
• Locking Device Location  Hood

• Height 50 mm [ 1.97 in ]
• Width 43 mm [ 1.69 in ]
• Length 73 mm [ 2.88 in ]

Usage Conditions
• Corrosion Protected  No

Packaging Features
• Packaging Quantity  5
• Packaging Method  Box

• Comment  Includes cable fitting


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