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Brainchild PR20 – low-cost paperless recorder

 Brainchild PR20 – low-cost paperless recorder
The new PR series paperless recorders are launched in full product range with outstanding specifications and features. PR series includes a low-cost PR10, a popular PR20 and a high-end PR30. Compared with the first generation VR series, PR series offers much more, for example recorders in 4.3” & 12.1” displays in addition to 5.6”, 100 msec. sampling rate, external channels, batch, custom display, more strict FDA 21 CFR part 11, handwriting messages, SD slot, 2 USBs, pulse input, field calibration, Web Server, email, 19 languages, IP65, and yet in shorter depth 167mm.

1.Touch Screen, TFT, 65K color
2.100 msec. scan rate
3.Internal memory: 256 MB Flash
4.CPU: ARM Cortex-A8, 1Ghz
5.Standard: Ethernet, SD slot & USB
6.Option: RS232/422/485 & Pulse input
7.Protection: IP65 front & IP20 rear
8.Standards: CE, cULus & RoHS
9.Pulse input for flow applications
10.Direct Printer connectivity
11.Webserver & Email directly from Recorder
12.Remote IO channels, Virtual channels
13.Master & Slave, Modbus RTU and TCP protocols
14.Custom display pages similar to HMI
15.Batch operations, built in security & FDA 21 CFR part 11
16.19 international languages
1.Product position : medium size and powerful one, input numbers up to the highest 24 channels
2. Input numbers : 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 channels
3. True universal inputs : Thermocouples: J, K, T, E, B, R, S, N, L, U, P, W5, W3, LR, A1, A2, A3, M
RTD: Pt50, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000 (α=0.00385), Pt50, Pt100 (α=0.00391)Cu10 (α=0.00427), Cu50, Cu100(α=0.00426, 0.00428), Ni100, Ni200, Ni500,JPt50, JPt100, JPt200, JPt500, JPt1000 (α=0.003916)Ni1000 (α=0.00617) mA, V, mV
4. The fastest sampling rate : to reach 100 msec / dot, default setting at 1 sec / dot
5. Math, External channels, Batch,Custom display, FDA 21 CFR part 11 : only available by Plus versions
6. Display : 5.6″ TFT touch screen
7. Resolution : 640 x 480
8. MTFB backlight at 25°C : 30,000 hrs
9. Backlight : LED
10. Screen saver, Email : Yes
11. A faster CPU : ARM Cortex-A8, 1Ghz
12. Internal Flash memory : 256 MB
13. RAM : 256 MB
14. Ethernet : Modbus TCP/IP
15. RS-232/422/485 : optional RS-232 or RS-422/485 Modbus RTU
16.SD card Slot, USB host x 2 : standard, one USB in the front, another USB in the back
17. Pulse input : optional DI card offering either logic or high frequency pulse counter
18. START / STOP key : to start / stop record and to turn off the display only, not recorder itself so that a quick start possible
19. Calibration correction : on-site calibration possible, or using handy features of Offset and Gain for correction
20. Multilingual : convenient for local users by offering 19 languages including English, Japanese,Danish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Portuguese,Chinese(simplied, traditional), French, German, Spanish, Swedish,Brazil Portuguese, Czech, other languages negotiable
21. PC software Historical Viewer+ Configuration : standard
22. Extensive software Data Acquisition Studio : optional real-time monitoring
23. Power supply : 90-250VAC or 11-36VDC
24. Outer dimensions (W x H x L mm) : 144 x 144 x189
25. Shorter mounting depth (mm) : 171
17. DIN Panel cutout (W x H mm) : 137 x 137
26. Protection : IP65 front, IP20 rear
27. Operating temperature : 0°C to 50°C
28. Storage temperature : -30°C to 70°C
29. Safety standards to be available : CE, cULus, RoHS

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