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Cara Instalasi Flowmeter Ultrasonic

Flowmeter ultrasonic berdasarkan cara instalasi dan pengoprasian terdiri dari portable flow meter, flow meter clamp on, inline, insertion, open channel flow meter yang digunakan sebagai water meter

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Paperless Recorder pr30 brainchild

Paperless Recorders PR30 is high-end paperless recorder that an advanced paperless chart recorder with a built-in high resolution 12.1″ touchscreen display, up to 48 channels, plug & play IO cards,

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Paperless Recorders PR20 Brainchild

The new PR series paperless recorders are launched in full product range with outstanding specifications and features. PR series includes a low-cost PR10, a popular PR20 and a high-end PR30. Compared with the first generation […]

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PR10 Paperless Recorders Brainchild

The PR10 Paperless Recorders Brainchild a low-cost paperless recorder with a built-in high resolution 4.3″ touchscreen display, 6 channels, plug & play IO cards, and internal Flash memory storage

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Small Vortex Flow Meter For Liquids kofloc

KOFLOC’s Karman Vortex Flow Meter FM Series provides an ideal tool for measuring and monitoring liquid flows, including cooling water and cleaning water.

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Flowmasonic WUF100 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Flowmasonic WUF100 is ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit, chiller, sea water, oil , waste water, chemical, cooling tower demin water