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data logger

Seametrics Data Logger DL76

Seametrics Data Logger DL76 is a battery-powered data logger that can be used with any Seametrics fowmeter. It stores pulses for up to 3 years, depending on the user-selected frequency of reading.

flow meter

Gas Solenoid Valve delta elektrogas

Electromechanical DELTA and its brand Deltapumps and Elektrogas are leading manufacturers of gear oil pumps and safety control valves

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optic sensor

Industrial sensor wenglor

Wenglor Product Sensor offering Photoelectronic and Inductive Sensors include Ultrasonic Sensors, Fluid Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode, and 2D/3D Code Scanners, as well as Safety Technology

air motor

Gast Pneumatic Air Motor

Gast Pneumatic Air Motor mempunyai jenis matrial motor dari stainless steel. Air motor dari gast manufacturing mempunyai range speed yang cukup luas yaitu berada pada kisaran 300 RPM hingga 10000 RPM