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Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

Siargo specializes MEMS flow sensing technology and manufactures MEMS flow sensors, modules, and system products that are shipped worldwide.  Our global technical team is working 24/7 and ready to provide timely solutions to your even very special requirements. 
Siargo Gas Mass Flowmeter
Our patented low power and integrated flow system technology and know-how excel in many applications for flow measurements. We are committed to meet our customers needs and offer the value-added features at a very competitive cost. Achieved by our proprietary MEMS integration and package technology, the sensors can measure gas flow in a pipe diameter from 0.5 mm up to 2 m and with a flow speed from 5 mm/sec up to 75 m/sec without sacrificing measurement accuracy. 
Our  products  have  been  deployed  to  utility gas metering, automotive  applications,  medical  gas  sensing,  food  and  pharmaceutical  industry  gas management, environmental   and analytical instrumentation, to name just a few.
Innovation   continuously leads the product technology
Quality          precisely ensures the product performance
Service        timely provides the product technical supports
The MEMS flow sensors bear a number of merits compared to the traditional thermal mass flow sensors. It is because not only the sensor manufacture process ensures a  Thigh degree of consistency among each individual sensor, but also the process allows integration  of  additional features that could  significantly enhance the functionality and extend the application scopes.
MEMS mass flow sensors have become one of the choices for flow measurement since 1980s.  Up to date, the applications are however applicable to clean gases with a limited measurable  flow speed. Since its inception in the earlier 2004, Siargo has been dedicated to develop state of-the-art MEMS mass flow sensors as well as its package technology aiming to enhance the product performance, functions as well as reliability. Our sensors  focus on the innovative integrations and product performance that enables various applications in many challenging circumstances.
Our flow sensing products feature : 
Integrated multiple mass flow sensors with extended dynamic rangeability
Ultra low power consumption
High sensitivity at low flow regime
Innovative package technology that provides self-flow conditioning
Standard and user friendly interfaces
Low pressure loss
Easy and ready for networking
User friendly installation
Ex ia IIC T4 / Ex d IIB T4 and up to IP66 rating 
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF Series
MF Series In-line Mass Flow Meters are designed for all purpose industrial gas metering and control. The meters provide direct mass flow information as well as well-designed user friendly interfaces (RS485/4~20mA/pulse etc.) for data process.  The series cover the DN range from 25  to 100 mm with an accuracy of ±(1.5+0.5FS)% or better depending on the requests. The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60°C and pressure up to 1.5 MPa. The package ensures hygienic safety and can be used for beverage and food industrial gas process such as CO2. Other applications include special gas monitoring in steel process, hydrogen flow control in chemical industry, process gases (oxygen, nitrogen, helium, compressed air or argon) monitoring in manufacture, to name a few.  
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MFI Series
MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters are designed for gas monitoring and control in a large pipe line where installation of an in-line flow meter is either difficult or costly. The insertion meters are equipped with a self-sealed valve and hence provide a solution that only requires minimal interruption to the normal working circumstance.  The suggested starting metering DN is 150 mm and above. All of the insertion meters have an accuracy of ±(1.5+0.5FS)% or better depending on the requests. The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60 °C and pressure up to 1.5 MPa.  Applications include but not limited to oxygen, nitrogen, methane, and compressed air  flow monitoring for manufacture process control.  
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF5700 Series
MF5700 Series Mass Flow Meters feature cost effective ultra low power operating on 4 AA batteries. The portable design has excellent exchangeable mechanical adaptors, easy data accessible and user programmable capabilities. The internal data storage can also help for many industrial on-site applications. The meters can be customized for various general purpose flow applications.
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF5000 Series
MF5000 Series Mass Flow Meters are specially designed for small pipe flow monitoring and control.  The series can measure gas flow in a pipe diameter as small as 3 mm, but not over 19 mm. With the self-flow conditioning feature of the MEMS sensor package, the meters feature an extremely low pressure loss compared to the traditional by-pass thermal mass flow meters in this application scope. The accuracy of the meters are generally ±(1.5+0.2FS)% or better depending on the requests.  The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60°C and pressure up to 1.5 MPa.  Applications include semiconductor gas process monitoring and control, hospital oxygen gas monitoring, etc.
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF5600 Series
MF5600 Series Mass Flow Meters are specially designed for applications where the display is often required to be placed separated away from the flow channel or meter body, such as the oxygen metering system in a hospital.  These meters are opted with the standard industrial user interfaces (RS485 and 4 ~ 20mA), and user defined alarm functions for better monitoring or control over the network. The off-the-shelf products (MF5612 and MF5619) are for gas flow measurement of 0 ~ 300 SLPM and 0 ~ 800 SLPM, respectively
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF5200 Series
MF5200 Series Oxygen Flow Meters are specially designed for oxygen metering system in a hospital.  These meters are operated with the standard industrial user interfaces (RS485), and user defined alarm functions for better monitoring or control over the network. The off-the-shelf products (MF5212 and MF5219) are for gas flow measurement of 0 ~ 300 SLPM and 0 ~ 800 SLPM, respectively.  
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MF4000 Series
MF4000 Series Mass Flow Meters are designed for applications where manifold flow measurements. The standard flow channels are 3 mm and 8 mm in diameter, respectively. Plastic finishing with an easy change of the mechanical adaptors enables applications at a low cost and different environments.  The meters can be used for process gas control, environmental samplers and many other industrial applications.
Siargo Mass Flowmeter MFGD Series
MF-GD Series Low Pressure Mass Flow Meters are designed for all low pressure industrial gas metering and control. The meters substantially reduce the installation cost as well as other logistical cost.  In addition, the all electronicmeters provide easy data access as well as remote data networking capabilities.

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