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ARC700 Paperless Recorder

Paper Less Recorder
ARC700 Recorder
Aliapanel ARC

ARC700 Series

ALIAPANEL ARC700 Series Paperless Recorder used the most Advanced technology, to be aimed to various industry application,and designed a small sized and lower power consumed, high accuracy, common use, it can also overcome the older big sized recorder, not easy installation…etc defects.
 Small sized(72mm*72mm), 128*64Pixels, Blue Screen
 8MB memory installed inside, applied to long terms data record
 Common input signal, mA, VDC, T/C, RTD…etc signal
 High Accuracy +/-0.15% of Reading
 Maximum to 2 points Relay or 1 point 4-20mA output and 1 points 24VDC output
 Maximum can receive 4 channels input signal
 Could selected 24VDC Aux. Power supply for 2 wires system
 It can Display / Record single point, Multi-point, Trend, Bargraph
 The recorded data could be stored in USB memory, and take out to computer make soft analysis  

Number of Inputs: Display:
1, 2, 3, 4 Channels 2-Inch Blue Screen LCD(128 * 64 Pixels)
Inputs: Trend & Bargraph
T/C (K, S, B, E, J, N, T) Horizontal
RTD( PT100 ),CU50, CU100 Digital
DCA(4-20 mA, 0-10 mA) 4-1/2 digits programmable
DCV( 0-5V, 1-5V) Engineer unit
Accuracy: 52 Engineering units
+/-0.15% of Span Parameter Protect
Response Time: Password entry
80 ms Data saving Period:
Alarm Function: 1 Second to 3600 Seconds
Up to four points per channel Recording Capability:
Alarm Types: 144 Hours(4 Points, 1 Data/Second)
High and Low Limits, High-High, 376 Years(1 Point, 1 Data/Hour)
Low-Low Password Protection:
Output: 6 Digits
4-20 mA,  1 point PC software:
Relay, 1A/600V, SPDT, up to 2 points Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Aux. Power supply: Display
24VDC, 85 mA max. for Transmitter Trend, Digital, Circular, Alarm, Bargraph
Storage Memory: Convert function
16MB(on board) can be save as excel files
Recycling Mode: Enclosure:
Newest Data over-writes to oldest data NEMA 3 / IP 54
Recording Data Shift: Weight:
USB memory(2GB) 0.4 Kg maximum
Display update Rate: Dimensions:
1 Second 72 mm (W) * 72 mm (H) * 100 mm (D)
Keyboard: Ambient Temperature:
4 Keys (SET, Shift , UP, Down) for  -10 to +55  oC
programming and display control Ambient Humidity:
Parameter Storage: 10% to 85%RH (at 5 to 40 oC)
Operation Parameters are stored by  Power Supply:
EEPROM for more then 10 years 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:
5 W
RS 485 (MODBUS Protocol)

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