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Alia Variable Area Flowmeters

Alia Flow Meter
Alia Tube Flow Meter

Variable Area Flowmeter
AVF250 Series

ALIAVA AVF250 Series is a flowmeter commonly used in Auto-industry process control. It’s with small volume, wide range and easily operation. It could also measure liquid, gas and steam flowrate, especially fit for small flowrate application.

 4 digit flowrate & 8 digit totalizer
 Local indication without auxiliary power
 4-20 mA & Scale pulse output
 Low pressure lost on gas and steam application
 Damper for Gas/Steam application
 Consistent overall length
 Heating jacket design
 Intrinsically safe & explosion proof for hazardous area  


Size: Local Display:
15,20,25,40,50,65,80,100,125,150,200 mm Mechanical Indicator (standard)
Measuring Range: Digit Display
Liquid –  1 ~  200000 Liter/Hr 4 Digit Flowrate
Gas   –   0.03 ~ 4000 M3/Hr 8 Digit Totalizer
Turndown Ratio: Current output:
10:1 (20:1 Optional) 4-20 mA(2 Wire)
Accuracy: Load
+/-1.6%(Standard) Max. 600
+/-1.0%(Optional) Pulse output:
Repeatability: Open collector (Scale pulse)
+/-0.5% value of reading Rating
Material: 3 to 30Vdc, 100 mA Max. 
Tube & Float Data Storage:
Stainless Steel 304 Operation parameters and totalization 
Stainless Steel 316 figures are stored by EEPROM for more
Stainless Steel 316L than 10 years
Stainless Steel + PTFE Liner Alarm output:
Standard Pressure: 2 point (open collector)
40 Kg/cm2 (15mm ~ 50mm) Rating
16 Kg/cm2 (65mm ~ 200mm) 3 to 30Vdc, 100 mA Max.
Temperature: Keyboard:

-80 ~ +200o(Standard)
3 keys from internal for programming
-25 ~ +100oC (LCD Display)
and display control.
0 ~ +85 oC (PTFE Liner)
Ambient temperature:
-80 ~ +400oC (Optional)
-25 to +60oC 
Flange Type: Protection class:
JIS 10K / JIS 20K / JIS 40K IP 65
ANSI 150# / ANSI 300# / ANSI 600# Intrinsically Safe, Eex ia IIC T5
DIN PN 10 / PN 16 / PN25 / PN 40 Explosion Proof, Ex d IIB T6
Fluid Viscosity: Housing Material:
300 CP Max. Aluminum Alloy
Communication: Cable entry:
RS485(MODBUS Protocol) M20 * 1.5
HART Signal Pressure Drop:
0.07 ~ 0.7 Kg/cm2
Power supply:
11 ~ 36VDC( 2 wire 4-20 mA)
Ni-MH Battery(3 years working hours)

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