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Connector Harting

Harting connector

Harting adalah brand connector yang paling popular karena disamping banyak di gunakan di dunia manufacture connector harting juga banyak digunakan di dunia otomatisasi, komunikasi, broadcast, kesehatan, transportasi, oil and gas dan power.


Articles: Rudy flow meter Wiratama

Flow Meter Air Baku PDAM

Flow meter air baku pdam adalah flow meter yang digunakan untuk mengukur debit air dan total volume air baku yang akan di proses guna menghasilkan kwalitas air sesuai standart pdam. Air baku pdam bisanya dimabil dari sungai, bendungan, waduk atau sumur bor dan untuk daerah tertentu mungkin mengambil dari air laut yang di proses menjadi […]

Thermal Mass Compress air and gas flow meters VA500

Flow sensor for compressed air and gas – VA 500 Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics of our flow sensor records all measured values digitally. This leads to a better accuracy also in case of large measuring spans of 1:1000. What are the advantages of our flow measuring technology? […]

Flow meters for compressed air and gas

Fow meters from CS Instruments work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. This means, while measuring the thermal mass flow or standard volume flow, no additional temperature and pressure compensation is necessary. The standard volume is a common volumetric unit used to compare gas quantities at different pressures and temperatures. In order to meet various […]

Batch Controller N series fluidwell

The product group “Batch Controllers” offers multiple batch controllers in the N-Series, F-Series and D-Series product ranges. The batch controllers can be used for accurate dispensing of small amounts of liquids up to the loading of trucks with two-stage control and analog multi-stage control. Specially designed for the delivery of unknown quantities of product is […]

Flow Computers fluidwell

The product group “Flow Computers” offers a unique range of comprehensive solutions to calculate the consumption and net flow at standard conditions or the ratio between two flows. Typical applications are found on board of ships to calculate the fuel consumption, gas flow calculation in power plants and the monitoring of two component blending. The […]


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