circular connector

R Connector Nanaboshi

Electrical Connector R Nanaboshi is a high current type waterproof connector. There are many results in emergency power supply facilities etc.

circular connector

NMI Connector Nanaboshi

Electrical connector NMI Nanaboshi is high current type waterproof connector.It can be used for plant equipment and power supplies for large machines

circular connector

25 AA Connector Nanaboshi

25AA electrical connector nanaboshi is product from japan, Connection work is also easy with the crimping method.Ideal for desktop equipment because it is lightweight and made of resin.

circular connector

T Connector Nanaboshi

Electrical Connector T Series use of rubber insulators and a one-touch cap lock mechanism has made it easy to handle.Ideal for frequent travel installations.

circular connector

PLW Nanaboshi Connector

Electrical connector NWPC series yang di produksi oleh nanaboshi jepang merupakan connector electric yang mempunyai clas IP67 water proof.

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